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Cubierta La edad ganadaLa edad ganada (The won age)

A new novel about finding one’s place 

Mercedes Suero selected it as one of the five indispensable books to close Madrid’s Book Fair (2015) and it was also selected by the newspaper El Confidencial as one of the books that could change Spanish society. Vicente Luis Mora (2015) define it as: “brave and singular, created through a constructive and valuable device: it does not elaborate, or re elaborate, a whole life, the author stops in different vital moments (…), she chooses different milestones –identified by the age of the protagonist- and she tells a concrete anecdote from that period, leaving out the rest. (…) It questions the autofictional model, looking for a new way to tell. The book is closer to the novel tradition than to the autofiction. The beginnig remind us to the beginning of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, what is quite something; as Joyce’s book, (…), it is going after the literary construction of an identity. (…) La edad ganada is an elegant quest to find out how to rebuild the experience through narrative. This makes the book in a serious and profound exercise, and (self) aware, with excellent moments.”

Bajo el agua (Underwater)

A new play about synchronized swimming

New Plays from Spain: Eight Works by Seven Playwrights

Anthology edited by Frank Hentschker and Inigo Ramirez de Haro Valdes, May 2013

Translated by William Gregory

“These plays truly represent what today’s theater in Spain is all about. This volume is a must-read for every serious scholar and theater-maker who is interested in Iberian culture. . . “—Íñigo Ramirez de Haro Valdes, playwright and Consul of Spanish Cultural Affairs, New York

Numbers (Cifras SPANISH EDITION 2012) theater play

“Numbers is a staggering piece of work. It is political and important and funny. It asks the right questions in a style that encompasses both Chekhov and Monty Python. It is a special play for today.” Mike Bradwell, London 2012

“The play reflects with brutal honesty the desperation of the immigrants and it defends the possibility to execute acts of simple and deep humanity” Guillermo Calderón, Santiago de Chile 2012

“This play will transcend, it will be remembered. I will remember it.” Xabi Puerta, Madrid 2012

U-Turn (Cambio de sentido SPANISH EDITION 2010) novel

“In Cambio de sentido there is, above all, spectacle; visions of a disaster that is at the same time ecological and human. Once the book is closed we do not easily forget the disturbing, shocking, and strangely beautiful images that we have just seen. Or, better put, that we have just read: because in this unforgettable book by Mar Gómez Glez, there is, above all, writing.” Sylvia Molloy, New York 2012

“Here, the author demonstrates an elegant capacity for description, the characters are depicted soberly, almost modestly… The most significant example is, of course, the figure of Null. We can make out a parallel with that Kurtz of whom Conrad wrote.” Fernando G. Ariza  Culturamas Magazine



Fuga mundi (Theater play SPANISH EDITION 2008)

Beckett Theater Award 2007

Acebedario (Children’s book SPANIS EDITION 2006)

Finalist Julio C. Coba International Award (Quito, 2005)