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Review: Coldwater at the Company Creation Festival 2014

By  Yuri George Sivo


Step inside the Son of Semele Theater and, for seventy minutes, be transported beyond the confines of a small black stage, tucked off Beverly Boulevard. The Blue Cube Collective’s production of COLDWATER, the new play by Mar Gomez Glez takes us to a place that’s half hallucination, half nightmare. All points lead to Afghanistan and this assured production offers a haunting taxi ride across an emotional and metaphysical minefield. Chances are some of the IEDs en route will lodge inside your head.

The set (by Nina Caussa and Aubree Lynn) works extremely well. Through clever design, objects, like rocks or a double line, grow more menacing over time. A car skeleton clues us from the start:  we are seeing the bones of the past — with characters living as emotional corpses. This is solid writing with an ear to the ground and a direct line to our inner demons.


The three actors intersect and ricochet off each other, pulling us into the action, never letting go. No small task given the complex and conflicted characters the writer has summoned. A special shout out to actor Damon Dunay’s for being the show’s riveting anchor.


A plot description doesn’t do this play justice. Don’t be put off about what you read; it is so much greater than its parts. The crisp, quick staging certainly helps this sleight of hand.   There is an early moment when a character freezes mid-conversation and remains, hovering like a double exposure — or a ghost.  One simple detail suddenly adds layers of meaning. I haven’t had such a stimulating local theater experience in a long time.

Yuri George Sivo is a writer director and producer.He wrote, produced and directed a half hour sci-fi film,”Vanity Kills,” which showed at film festivals. Yuri has been a director and cinematographer on many national commercials. Yuri is currently developing several movie and television projects. 

Blue Cube and Son of Semele Ensemble present COLDWATER in the Company Creation Festival at 3301 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA. From January 15 – march 2nd. Running time: 70 minutes. More info and tickets at:

Written and directed by Mar Gómez Glez; Set by Nina Caussa & Aubree Lynn; Lighting by Álvaro Martin Blanco; Music and sound by Amparo Edo Biol & Tomás Peire Serrate; Costumes by Jackie Kenney; Assistant Director James Windeler.

WITH: Alexander Greer, Noelle Kenney and Damon Dunay

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